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DWR Series

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DWR series – Dispenser for self-adhesive labels – semi-automatic label dispenser

DWR 100 and DWR 200 are a range of semi-automatic dispensers for self-adhesive labels on rolls. Designed for industrial environments, they are made entirely of steel, simple to use and versatile enough for all types of labels commonly in use. Available in versions for label widths up to 100mm or 200 mm.


The reel holder, which adapts to all internal reel cores, accepts reels of up to 300mm in diameter, offering an impressive run time.


In the DWR 100 F and DWR 200 versions, the labels are read by two microprocessor-controlled self-learning sensors which can automatically identify the difference in transparency between the label and the paper liner, thus presenting the label almost fully peeled off on the peeler bar. When the label is removed, the next one is dispensed automatically. The control board also allows motor rotation to be stopped when the reel finishes, and paper breaks can also be accompanied by an acoustic warning signal. Power supply: 230 V, or 115 V on request, no separate PSU required.


The DWR 100 M and DWR 200 M versions are available for use with transparent labels; they feature an electromechanical sensor which detects the difference in thickness between the label and the silicone liner paper with great precision.


An optional accessory for all models is a presettable electronic counter which counts the number of labels applied or else counts down from a preset number before stopping the label supply.


The battery-operated version makes it possible to work for around 5 hours with no mains power supply, depending on the label size and dispensing frequency.


The battery-operated dispenser does not require a separate battery charger since this is integrated in the control board – the unit will recharge automatically if left plugged in.

Caratteristiche tecniche DWR 100 DWR 200
Larghezza etichetta: 15-100 mm 15-200 mm
Lunghezza etichetta: 15-600 mm 15-600 mm
Velocità: 10-15 m/m 10-15 m/m
Diametro bobina: 300 mm 300 mm
Diametro mandrino: 38-110 mm 38-110 mm
Alimentazione elettrica: 230 Vac – 50 Hz 230 Vac – 50 Hz
Potenza assorbita: 30 W 30 W
Dimensioni: 297 x 410 x 400 (H) 376 x 410 x 400 (H)
Peso: 9.7 Kg 11 Kg

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