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  • Feeder machine for sheets, tags, cases and coupons

    A sheet-feeding machine is a mechanical device that automatically carries out the regular and continuous feeding/introduction of sheet materials (even other than paper) for other industrial processes (binding, perforation, folding, lamination, etc.)....

  • Semi-automatic benchtop labeling machine for bottles and cylindrical products

    The Wide Range semi-automatic benchtop labeler is the ideal solution for labeling bottles, flacons, jars and jars of different types. The WIDE RANGE labeler can be easily used in various industrial sectors such as food & beverage, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and components....

Transformer la production viticole avec le DWR ROUND : l’allié des producteurs.

La mise en œuvre du QR Code est désormais une exigence réglementaire, mais elle représente également une opportunité pour les producteurs de vin de réorganiser leurs processus. Notre DWR ROUND apparaît comme un élément fondamental dans ce scénario, vous permettant d'automatiser et de perfectionner l'application de QR Codes sur les étiquettes existantes.

Wide Range and Avery Dennison: efficiency and sustainability with RFID integration

In the rapidly evolving world of the textile industry, production efficiency and environmental sustainability have become essential priorities. A clear example of how innovation can drive significant progress in these areas is represented by the collaboration between Wide Range and Avery Dennison Italia, which led to the creation of a cutting-edge system for the application of RFID labels on reels of woven labels .Wide Range and Avery Dennison: Efficiency and Sustainability with RFID Integration

DRW LC COVER the new label dispenser for supermarkets

To respond to a specific need in the retail sector, we customized our DW RLC dispenser, creating the new DWR LC Cover. This innovative device, designed for points of sale, facilitates the application of labels on food products, ensuring precision and efficiency in weight verification.

Wide Range for the confectionery industry

Sometimes the destinies of companies intersect almost by chance. And just like that, the Valtellinese confectionery company BRIELLI Caramelle e Confetti from Bormio crosses paths with Wide Range only for having noticed a small label on the machine in need of repair. The customer needs to label the transparent bags containing sweets and sugared almonds "top" & "bottom" but the system is old and the two labeling machines are acting up.

Wide Range also dives into sport

One of the most fascinating projects completed by Wide Range involved the introduction of the leaflet in a water bottle for sale by an important brand present throughout the world. In fact, it wasn't easy to find the right feeling to leaf through such a small instruction leaflet, pass it through the entire guide of the feeder and, finally, the most difficult step, insert it into the water bottle.

Wide Range in the world of cosmetics.

Very often, in the world of cosmetics, the customer needs to change recipes to produce small batches with different types of bottles or labels. And it is precisely in this case that DWR ROUND forcefully enters the playing field, distinguishing itself from other products, from which it stands out for its great ease and intuitiveness in its use.

Wide Range also enters the fishing sector

WR FEEDER 250 is one of the Wide Range proposals for leafing through and marking plastic bags used in the fishing sector to preserve small-sized fish such as anchovies, sardines or anchovies with an inkjet printer.

Wide Range for roasting

WR FEEDER LAB is the new Wide Range solution for small and medium coffee roasters that need to customize packages even in small quantities

Pharmaceutical packaging: printing and coding of medical products

When we talk about pharmaceutical packaging we are referring to a very delicate aspect: the information and coding needs of the medical product are numerous. The entire packaging process must perfectly respect the conservation parameters of the active ingredients and the safety parameters for users. Pharmaceutical packaging always consists of two parts with different functional characteristics.

Label cosmetic bottles

In the cosmetics industry, packaging and in particular the label play a decisive role. The appearance and therefore the finish of the product are fundamental.

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