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30 years of innovation

For 30 years, we have been working to offer innovative, sustainable, next-generation products.

In May 1993 a very small group of engineers working in the packaging industry set up WIDE RANGE, with the aim of developing control units for labellers equipped with stepper motors, a technology which was replacing traditional electromechanical systems.


In the 2000s, WIDE RANGE extended its portfolio of solutions by starting the industrial production of rewinders and dispensers for self-adhesive labels, followed by semi-automatic labellers for cylindrical products and, finally, friction feeders.


· Over 50.000 Labellers all over the world built by 28 manufacturers are applying labels also thanks to our advanced electronics
· Over 15.000 DWR Dispensers are dispensing labels for manual applications
· Over 22.000 RWR Rewinders are rewinding labels
· Over 600 Counter Check are rewinding, counting and checking labels
· Over 1.500 DWR ROUND labellers are applying labels on bottles, tubs, and jars.
· Over 600 WR Feeders are feeding envelopes, sheets, and cases.


Today, with an extensive network of distributors, WIDE RANGE is present all over Europe and exports over 50% of its production.
 20 highly qualified staff are committed to providing next generation products. We are always ready to understand and predict the progress of the market in order to offer innovative products to meet all requirements.
 Today, 30 years later, we are still working for you with the same enthusiasm and passion that we had when the company was founded.


Constant research into advanced design methodologies is something which sets Wide Range apart internationally: our commitment never wavers, from the initial assessment right up until the final design leaves the drawing board.


We work to offer innovative, sustainable products of the latest generation. We are always ready to understand and predict market trends to offer innovative products that meet every need.