A company always at the forefront

Over twenty thousand machines installed in the world: drives for controlling stepper motors, control units for labeling machines, Print-Apply systems with piston and air jet applications.

The most complete range for your every need.

Wide Range was founded in 1993 and the name itself expresses the company mission: to offer “a wide range of solutions”, ie “a wide range of solutions” in the industrial automation sector, especially for the packaging and labeling sector . This has led the company to face problems that due to their complexity, have often required specific solutions, designed according to customer needs and according to the type of product to be treated.

Design and production control for cutting-edge solutions.

In recent years a complete range of rewinders and dispensers for self-adhesive labels on reels has been added.
Wide Range deals with all the phases between the analysis of the customer’s problem and the supply of the final solution.

In particular, it takes care of the design of electronic equipment using the most advanced electronic CAD, the development of software for on board microprocessors, assembly of cards, testing, maintenance of quality standards, and marketing of products.


Constant research into advanced design methodologies is something which sets Wide Range apart internationally: our commitment never wavers, from the initial assessment right up until the final design leaves the drawing board.


We work to offer innovative, sustainable products of the latest generation. We are always ready to understand and predict market trends to offer innovative products that meet every need.