RWR series rewinders for self-adhesive labels DWR DISPENSER series for self-adhesive labels WR FEEDER friction sheet feeder DWR ROUND range semiautomatic labeling machines for cylindrical products RW COUNTER CHECK for the treatment of self-adhesive labels

Industrial automation for packaging and labelling

WIDE RANGE. Our name is our mission: to offer a wide range of specific solutions for packaging and labelling.
Over 20,000 units installed across five continents, from over 25 manufacturers.
Solutions designed to meet specific customer requirements, depending on the type of product to be processed.
A complete range of rewinders and dispensers for self-adhesive labels on reels.
Research, development and expertise at your service.
From analysing the customers problems through to supplying them with the solution.
The most advanced design technologies, precise assembly and testing procedures, expert marketing, and a particular focus on maintaining the highest quality standards.

Innovative products to meet all requirements

We develop solutions for all markets, with a customer-centric design approach. Our labellers optimise workflows and usability by all operators thanks to their safety, reliability and low running costs.
We know manufacturersrequirements, and we always take them into account when developing the technology for our products.













Technology and production for cutting-edge products for label production for the packaging industry

Over the years, Wide Range has developed a complete range of stepper motor actuators, control units for both linear and rotational labellers equipped with stepper motors, and print-apply systems using both piston and air-jet application methods.
There are now over 20,000 Wide Range machines installed across five continents from over 25 different manufacturers.

For 25 years, we have been working to offer innovative, sustainable, next-generation products.

  • Over 50,000 labellers all over the world built by 28 manufacturers are applying labels also thanks to our advanced electronics
  • Over 10,000 DWR Dispensers are dispensing labels for manual applications
  • Over 17,000 RWR Rewinders are rewinding labels
  • Over 800 DWR ROUND labellers are applying labels on bottles, tubs, and jars.
  • Over 200 WR Feeders are feeding envelopes, sheets, and cases


We perform the complete transformation of all design elements in an unusual manner, relating the appropriate material for each individual component on the basis of its functions and technical and application specifications.


We optimise each and every individual component, searching for even the smallest improvements, with the added value of continuous technical support available in every corner of the world.


We work to offer innovative, sustainable, next-generation products. We are always ready to understand and predict the progress of the market in order to offer innovative products to meet all requirements.