Wide Range doesn’t stop

Wide Range is always close to customers

In Wide Range the relationship with the customer has always had an important role: that’s why, even in a difficult moment like this, Wide Range doesn’t stop. 


Wide Range will keep its promises of delivery: we have taken every precaution to protect our employees in our company and we will guarantee the delivery of current and future orders. We are working in remote to keep our administrative and customer care services available.


Our employees are at your side to find quick solutions to your needs. 


It is our will to stay as close as possible to our customers and business partners and to overstretch this difficult time together.


Constant research into advanced design methodologies is something which sets Wide Range apart internationally: our commitment never wavers, from the initial assessment right up until the final design leaves the drawing board.


We work to offer innovative, sustainable products of the latest generation. We are always ready to understand and predict market trends to offer innovative products that meet every need.