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WR FEEDER 250 L with labeller_case06

WR FEEDER 250 L with labeller

Wide Range for the confectionery industry.

Type: WR FEEDER 250 L with labeller

Sector: confectionery industry

Sometimes the fates of companies cross paths almost by chance. It is precisely in this case that the confectionery company from Valtellina Valley BRIELLI Caramelle e Confetti crosses the road to Wide Range only for the fact that it has noticed a small label on a machine to be repaired. The customer needs to label the transparent bags containing candies and sugared almonds “top” & “bottom” but the system is old and the two labellers are having problems.


After a couple of interventions and visits by the customer to our site, even if the customer asked to repair the old machines and not to buy new ones, we decided to propose our “FEEDER LABEL” even though we knew that it was an important investment for the counterpart; nevertheless, the customer immediately appreciated the idea and within a week decided to replace the old system with our “WR FEEDER LABEL 250L” with labeling machine and product collector.


The most important and most difficult point for the customer to accept was the fact that, while until now the labeling step of the envelopes was unique, that is “top” & “bottom” at the same time, now it was necessary to label in two passages, first above and then below, then taking up the transparent bags labeled on one side and repositioning them in the feeder, ready to receive the second label.


The project was convincing and successful, because now the customer labels faster than 20 m / minute, compared to about 10 m / minute encountered in the past and despite the two labeling phases, he reports that he has gained about 25-30% in the production times.

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